Inkscape native version for OS X ML

After fighting several hours with keyboard mapping issue with inkscape 0.48 , I found the graal ;

Native ML packaging of Inkscape 

This is a Release candidate version, but I don’t face any bug. First launch is a bit long, but after, it works very well

I don’t know who to thank for this work but if he read those lines i just want to say : THANK YOU !!!!

Of course, my previous blog post on textext is still relevant with this version.

edit : link to native version updated

edit2 : add a link of the RC5 release from my Dropbox:

from my dropbox


I finally found the source of those files. It comes from the Inkscape developers forum. The thread of interest (last updated : 29 June 2014) can be found here.


Official direct link Inkscape web site  ( thanks @jogancalagan)

inkscape + textext on Mac os x mountain lion

I’m a regular user of Inkscape for creating illustration of my papers. And one of the convenient Inkscape extension is Textext. Textext allows to write directly your latex formula in Inkscape and to re-edit them later (see website for more precisions).

I spend many hours on the web to find a way to install the Textext extension on my mac (10.8.4), tried almost lots of tricks, but I always faced an issue with the ““The fantastic lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required….” issue when I try use it !
[Edit 07/17: an alternative/better solution than the following can be found Here, thanks fsfarimani ]

I finally, I found the solution ! Here is the workflow:

  1.  Download/Install Inkscape ( note that you need Xquartz 2.3.4 or higher installed on your Mac)   the last RC of native os X  version of  Inkskape  HERE
  2. Download Textext last version from here
  3. Download/install the Eggbot extensions for Inkscape (This is the magic trick !)
  4. Browse inkscape package contents, find the extension directory and copy the 2 Textext file into
  5. Now you can use Textext extension on your mac !

I hope it works for you too !